Laying Odds for Profit and Peril

Play It Smart- Craps Strategies

By Nelson Paul

Dark side or don’t pass don’t come bettors fear the hot table. There’s just about nothing else in a casino where you can lose more money faster than playing don’t pass bets, and laying odds into the buzz saw of a hot table. There’s also great fun and profit in collecting a very large stack of chips from hitting several lay bets while the rest of the table is watching their chips go to the house.

Laying Odds vs. Placing Odds

If you have a general understanding of the odds payouts from pass line or come bets, then you can easily convert that knowledge into laying odds on a don’t pass bet. Laying odds is simply the opposite of placing odds. The player is betting up front, or “laying” the mathematical difference between a line number and 7. For example if the point is 10, we know a pass line odds bet will pay 2-1, a $100 odds bet will pay $200 if the shooter rolls a 10 before they roll a 7. On the don’t pass side, the player makes the opposite bet and must “lay” the $200 in order to win the $100 if a 7 rolls before a 10. Obviously when laying odds on a 10 the player is risking twice as much as they will win. This is because their winning roll is a 7 which occurs twice and often as the 10. The same relationship exists when laying odds on the other point numbers.

Hot Rolls

Consistently laying odds on don’t pass or don’t come bets can produce significant wins on a cold table where the shooters are rolling 7 more times than making points. Since a hot table will badly beat the lay bettor, one strategy is to sit out the hot rolls. This is easier said than done and takes discipline. Successful don’t pass bettors laying odds will often use a stop loss rule and not let any one shooter beat them on more than 2-3 point cycles. This can happen fast if the player is laying odds on several don’t pass and don’t come bets. A hot shooter can sometimes hold the dice for 30-45 minutes or more and that means a dark side player employing a stop loss rule could be at a table for long periods of time without placing a bet.

Consistency is Crucial

One of the biggest mistakes a craps player can make is to try and call the table by switching back and forth in the same game from pass to don’t pass bets. This leads to the eventual need for medication and psychological treatment. It may work for short periods of time, but it is impossible to consistently call a table and then decide on any given roll which side to play; pass or don’t pass.

So if you decide to cross over to the dark side and lay odds, enjoy the winning, employ a stop loss strategy, and don’t cheer too loud when the shooter rolls a 7!

Play It Smart and lay the odds on the don’t pass line.