Control the Pace of Play

Play It Smart- Craps Strategies

By Nelson Paul

There is no doubt that craps is the fastest table game in the casino. More betting units have the potential to be won or lost in 15 minutes on a craps table than any other table game. Craps also offers the unique ability for the player to control the pace of play. If you played all night and simple made pass line bets with maximum odds the casino will love your action. But in craps the player has the ability to speed up the game on any given roll by increasing the number of bets on the table. In other table game like black jack the player can decide to play more than on hand, or change the size of there bet, but in craps the player can decide to add 4-5 different games as well as vary the size of the bet.

Play the Trends

Sophisticated craps players know the odds are always in favor of the house, and they also know tables can run in trends. Walk through any casino with more than one craps table and at one end of the room there’s a table with one guy throwing the dice, at the other end of the room people are cheering and throwing chips into the game from the aisle. One game is hot the other ice cold.

Speed Up the Action

Experienced players also know how to speed up the action on a hot table. One strategy to speed up the game is to play continuous “come out” bets. A “come” bet is no different than a pass line bet except a come bet can be placed on any roll. A “come” bet starts a new game where the object is to roll a point number again before a 7 just like your original pass line bet. A come bet wins on 7 or 11 looses on 2-3 or 12 and sets a point on 4-5-6-8-9-10. You can also place an odds bet once your “come” bet establishes a second point for the shooter.

Playing a Hot Table

On a hot table where the shooter is rolling a lot of numbers a “come” line bettor may hit several “come” bet points before the pass line point is made.  The risk is in having a pass line and several “come” line bets on the table with odds when the shooter rolls a 7. One roll of 7 will wipe out all the pass line and “come” bets on the table.

There’s no worse feeling in craps when the shooter rolls a 7 and you have four “come” bets on the table with maximum odds. What would have taken possibly 30 minutes to loose playing the pass line only is then lost in 5 minutes. However on a hot table where the shooter couldn’t roll seven is they wanted to, a player can win a dozen “come” bets and a pass line bets with odds and compress and hour of winning bets into 15 minutes.

Play It Smart and control the pace of play or a hot or cold table.