Advanced Craps Strategy

If you have been playing craps for awhile and have been using some basic strategies and would like to up the ante you might want to look into a more advanced craps strategy.  Every player has his or her own idea of what strategies work best and which techniques allow you to do away with the house edge so your odds are better.  While there are many options to consider, there are some more advanced craps strategy options that are more reliable than others.

Learning Advanced Craps Skills

If you are comfortably placing Pass and Don’t Pass bets you are ready to move onto a more advanced craps strategy.  The Come and Don’t Come bets are an exciting bet in the game of craps because they take things a step further.  These bets are made after the Pass ad Don’t Pass bets and once a point has been established.  The betting is done in the same manner; the only difference is that a point needs to be established for the bet to occur.

A great thing about the Come and Don’t Come bets is that you are not limited to one bet, as you are with the Pass and Don’t Pass bets.  When you place these bets you are increasing your chances of winning with any one roll because you can place more than one bet.

Place bets can work for or against you.  These are the bets on any place numbers such as four, five, six, eight, nine, and 10.  When you bet you are betting that the shooter will throw the number or numbers that you have bet upon.  The way you bet will impact you on these place numbers because the house edge is as little as 1.52% when you bet on the six and eight, but it increases substantially to 4% for place bets on five and nine and 6.73% on a four and 10 place bet.

Avoid the big six and the big eight!  This is an advanced craps strategy in that it is something that you should steer clear of unless you want to give the house and easy edge.  It’s true, you can place a bet on the six or the eight or both at any time, but it only pays even money.  What does this mean to you and your odds?  It means you are handing the house an edge of 9.09% so it just isn’t worth it.

Betting the field is something that many craps players swear by and others not so much.  Betting the field is a more advanced bet in that you are betting that one roll will be one specific number.  If any other number than the 2, 3, 4, 9 10, 11, or 12 is rolled the bet will be lost. Many people like the excitement that this brings but others just don’t like the odds.  It is a more advanced bet because it takes more calculating, or just more risk that one is willing to take!